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Welcome to the Narragansett Bay Research Reserve's newsletter. The Reserve publishes a community newsletter to keep you updated on Reserve happenings, upcoming events, and current projects. Ideas for features, calendars, and news clips are welcome.

Please contact Education Coordinator, 401-683-1478 with ideas.

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Volume 16 - Fall 2015 (7.51 MB)


  • Celebrating 35 Years at the Reserve
  • Mapping Rhode Island's Salt Marsh Habitat
  • Impacts of Crabs on Salt Marshes
  • New Tools to Help Communities Protect Natural Resources
  • Summer on the Marsh: Citizen Science Goes to Camp!
  • Restoring Drainage to Waterlogged Marshes
  • Teachers on the Estuary Workshop
  • 5K to Protect the Bay
  • Upcoming Programs


Volume 15 - Winter 2014 (604 KB)


  • Honoring Rhode Island's Senators for Dedication to Coastal Issues
  • Setting Salt Marshes on a Path to Recovery
  • Coastal Training Program Highlights Climate Adaptation Efforts
  • Oak Decline on Prudence Island
  • In Search of Monarch Butterflies
  • Creating Community Partnerships: Girl Scouts of RI visit the Reserve
  • Keeping an Eye on Water Quality in Narragansett Bay: Citizen Science in Action
  • Service Day with RI Department of Environmental Management
  • Reserve News
  • Upcoming Programs



Volume 14 - Winter 2012 (504 KB)


  • Message from the Manager: Essential Partnerships
  • Envisioning the Future Landscape: Invasive Species
  • Measuring Salt Marsh Elevation with Surface Elevation Tables
  • Coastal Communities Address Climate Change Risk
  • Reserve Infrastructure Update
  • Teachers on the Estuary
  • Summer Science in New England
  • Reserve News
  • Upcoming Programs


Volume 13 - Summer 2011 (460 KB)


  • Benthic Critters in the Bay
  • Scientists Travel to Study on Prudence Island
  • Estuary Ed Shed Upgrades and Plans for a Lab & Learning Center Extension
  • Volunteer Opportunities at the Reserve
  • Prescribed Fires on the South End of Prudence Island
  • How "Low Impact Development" Can Protect the Bay
  • Narragansett Bay Block Party
  • Teachers on the Estuary
  • Wish List


Volume 12 - Summer 2010 (908 KB)
  • The Reserve Grows: Ballard Property Acquisition
  • Larch Tree Clearing on the South End of Prudence
  • Updates from the Coastal Training Program
  • T-Wharf Stabilization and Estuary Ed Shed Upgrades
  • Tracking the March 2010 Record Rains in the Bay
  • Summer Calendar
  • Silica Cycling in the Salt Marsh
  • Alternative Spring Break 2010: Non-native Plant Removal
  • Teachers on the Estuary
  • Wish List
Volume 11 - Winter 2009 (537 KB)
  • Monitoring Salt Marsh Responses to Global Climate Change
  • Native Tree and Shrub Fundraising Sale
  • Forests in Time
  • A Rapid Assessment Technique for Monitoring Algae
  • The Reserve Exhibits a Local Artist's Works
  • 2009 Fishing Contest
  • Fishing for More Than You Bargained For
  • A Camp-Packed Summer
  • Measuring Emerging Pollutants in Narragansett Bay
  • Updates from the Coastal Training Program
  • Workshop on the New RI Conservation Easement Guidiance Manual



Volume 10 - Summer 2009 (455 KB)
  • Prudence Island's Changing Salt Marshes
  • Algae as an Indicator of Environmental Change in Narr Bay
  • Updates from the Coastal Training Program
  • Restoring Native Forests on Prudence Island
  • New NBNERR Technical Reports Series
  • Summer Calendar
  • Impacts of Development on Breeding Bird Habitats
  • Alternative Spring Break 2009
  • Will Cleaning up Narr Bay Impact the Food Web?
  • Teachers on the Estuary
  • Wish List
Volume 9 - Winter 2008 (312 KB)
  • High Speed Water Quality Monitoring
  • 2008 Sustainable Fishing Contest Results
  • Updates from the Coastal Training Program
  • The Value of Fringing Salt Marshes
  • Reading the Water Quality
  • Wading Birds Dining in the Salt Marsh
  • A Simpler Time - Recounting a Day of Biking on Prudence Island
  • Teacher Training Grant
  • Join the Backyard Bird Count
  • Wading Birds at Risk
  • Eelgrass Report is Published
  • Updates from the Coastal Training Program
  • College Students Assist with Community Project
  • Summer Calendar
  • Thank You Woodcutters!
  • Farewell Harbor Seals
  • PI Beaches Cleaned for Earth Day
  • NBRR Welcomes New Staff Members
Volume 7 - Winter 2007 (1.07 MB)
  • Impacts of an Invasive Crab -- The Asian Shore Crab
  • Welcome Back Seals!
  • Updates from the Coastal Training Program
  • From the Manager: A Year In Review
  • Education Updates
  • Mapping the BayScape
  • Invitation to the Holiday Open House on 12/12/07
  • Farewell to Christine Comeau and Tom Kutcher

Volume 6 - Summer 2007

  • Summer 2007 Calendar of Events
  • Blount's Oysters
  • Updates from the Coastal Training Program
  • A Call for Volunteers
  • Prudence Island Groundwater Task Force Workshop on June 23, 2007
  • Using Fire to Manage Forests
  • North End Recreation Day Planned for August 12, 2007
  • Annual Prudence Island Butterfly Count with Audubon Society of RI
Volume 5 - Winter 2006
  • Eelgrass Mapping in Narragansett Bay
  • Community Connections Calendar is Up and Running
  • Marine Discovery Camp is a Hit!
  • Prudence Island Telephone Survey
  • 2006 International Coastal Cleanup Photos and Story
  • Partnerships are Key to the Reserve's Success
  • Clean the Bay Hauls an Abandoned Sailboat from Prudence Island
  • An Invitation to the Holiday Open House
  • Water Quality Data Goes Live!
Volume 4 - Summer 2006
  • Summer 2006 Calendar of Events
  • Updates from the Manager and CTP
  • Annual Songbird Survey
  • Explaining Saltmarsh Dieback
  • Friday Fundays at the Lab & Learning Center
  • An Invitation to the Summer Open House
  • The Reserve Welcomes a New Staff Member
Volume 3 - Fall/Winter 2005
Volume 2 - Summer 2005
Volume 1 - Winter/Spring 2005